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Participants > Change of Address

If you are an LSAY participant and would like to update your contact information, you can do so by using the form below. If you prefer, you can instead email us at "" or telephone us at 1-844-764-4699 with your updated contact information.

The following form allows you to update your contact information. Please be sure to click the "Send to LSAY" button at the bottom of the form when you are finished entering your information.

Current Name * required
Name in 1987 * required
School in 1987 * required

Please update any information that has changed. If you want to change your email address, for example, you can change only that line.

Current Address Line 1
Current Address Line 2
Current City
Current State
Current Zip Code
Current Email Address
Current Phone Number
Current Cell Phone Number


When you are finished, click the button below to send your message to the LSAY: